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Not only is it a windshield and rain protector but at the same time it is draught activator
Eolos is an extractive chimney pot, windshield, to be used as a normal chimney. During the winter the ignition of fireplaces, stoves, gas boilers or with heat generators with solid, liquid or gas fuel to warm up the environments, generate fumes which are difficult to eliminate.

These heat generators, for a proper functioning and for avoiding annoying and unhygienic fumes stagnations, need a flue shaped according to the power and the characteristics of the environment in which they are installed. Nevertheless, even when properly installed, the chimney can create problems when the winds are weak because the speed of the wind often have a vertical component which pushes the fumes to the bottom, inside the environments.

Eolus, for its brilliant and patented realization prevents the contrary winds to make the fumes return, inhaling them without blocking (as it does not have moving components) and without obstructing the natural flow of the fumes. It has been studied and projected with sophisticated fluid dynamics programs. The construction, simple and economic, is simply composed by a cylindrical body with several slits on its lateral surface. Moreover, the particular form avoids anomalous introductions of rain water in the chimney with the consequent problems. The slits on the circular sections greatly increase the depression making the fumes expulsion from the chimney easier and transforming a simple chimney pot in an “extractive” chimney pot. It is available in stainless steel AISI 316 or in varnished steel Fe 360.



A Diameter of the flueBCD


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