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Flysmoke is an innovative smoke and foul air extractor to be installed on chimneys or ventilation systems, capable of removing annoying and dangerous stagnation due to the wind or to unsuited dimensioning of the fireplace in any environment where there are fireplaces, stoves, gas boilers or heat generators. Based on the “airfoil” principle of the air subsonic, Flysmoke has an exceptional ability of fumes and foul air extraction, even during difficult atmospheric conditions, without energy consumption.   On the market, there are fumes extractor systems to be placed at the top of the chimneys, rotating with downwind opening or with windshield, but all of them have some inconveniences, as they do not create any kind of depression in the chimney opposite to what Flysmoke does; moreover, it is silent, it does never block, it protects the chimney from the rain and it avoids soot deposits.

Flysmoke is the best remedy for those situations in which the fumes and the foul air are pushed at the bottom because the chimneys and the ventilation system, even if properly shaped, are not working properly. Indeed, the winds, even the weak ones, have a vertical component which can push the dangerous fluids inside the environment.



Internal diameter with female plug
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Flysmoke, the powerful smoke and foul air extractor inspired by the “airfoil” principle of the air subsonic.

Sliding on the lateral surfaces of Flysmoke, the wind creates as for the airfoil of the aeroplanes, a depression at the base of the chimney to extract with extraordinary efficiency fumes and foul air, reaching a depression of 30pa with winds which blows at 20 km/h (5.5 m/s). The Flysmoke system is able, in this way, to eliminate annoying and unhygienic fumes stagnation

• No electric consumption
• Duration in the time though the excessive temperature
• Extraordinary efficiency in case of wind and contrary wind

• Maximum silence
• High quality of the materials
• Easy assembling
• Fully projected and produced inside the company (made in Italy)
• Available for fireplaces with different diameters

Flysmoke prevents the contrary winds to push again the fumes in the environments, thanks to the two airfoils opposed and symmetric, quite stocky in order to create more depression and consequently inhalation. Its material can be stainless steel AISI 316 or steel Fe 360.

This particular structure is kept by a circular conduit of the dimension of 150/200/250 mm to be inserted in the flue outlet. It is very easy to install and it has a pleasant appearance. The surfaces are steadily welded and they have proper openings which make easy, through the depression, to let the fluid inhalation out, even with a breath of wind.



Wind speed which invests the flysmoke in km/h


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