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The Famar thermo-fireplace satisfies the long-felt need of managing a structure with a solid fuel heat generator (open circuit) and to interface it with another generator (closed circuit). This need is satisfied by Famar’s thermo-fireplace that, on demand, can be accessorized with the Kit Plus System, completely preassembled, accessorized with all the needed equipment in order to avoid great waste and to guarantee saving of labour and materials. Indeed, Famar’s thermo-fireplace are cured in every detail: connections, copper pipes, stainless-steel expansion chamber, it assures security and it acts in conformity with the current regulations. In this way, the plumber has at his disposal in the inferior part of the shell of the thermo-fireplace, both to the right or to the left, a series of connections to be connected to the main header.


The advantages of a pre-assembled kit

The already pre-assembled Kit Plus System comprehends, in a restricted space, stainless steel expansion tank and the connections with the two generators. This predisposition solves the usual problems of open circuit systems. In this way, the installation on the ceiling of the house of the open expansion tank with its safety and load pipe is not required anymore.

Main characteristics and technical advantages of the kit system plus

• It connects the closed circuit of the gas boiler with the open circuit of the thermo-fireplace.

  • Expansion tank, outlet tube and safety tube, directly attached to the thermo-fireplace
  • No defusing of the circulator in the primary and secondary circuits
  • Difference of temperature of 5°C between the secondary and the primary circuits
  • Limited load loss in the primary and in the secondary circuit
  • No loss in the expansion tank due to corrosion during the years because it has been constructed with anticorrosive materials (stainless steel)
  • No anomalous water intake through the mechanical float valve (in the expansion valve) because it has a water shock absorber.
  • No inconvenience coming from freezing phenomena. Permanent efficiency of the system thanks to the absence of encrustation.


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