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Thermocombi, a strongly innovative fireplace with a high performance during the combined combustion, shows the real power of engineering. It has been studied for those who love the warmth and the tranquillity of the wood burning fireplace but do not want to renounce the automatism of the pellet burning thermo-stoves. Indeed, it is the only real combination which can burn automatically commuting the wood, the pellet, the biomass and the multifuel.

This thermo—fireplace, unique in its genre, has been accurately tested in our laboratories, it boasts the safety provided for by the current law in order to guarantee the secondary safety.


Adaptability, elegance, compactness and attention to the interiors

The Famar thermo-fireplace has a pleasant appearance, adaptable to any kind of interiors because it has a particular cure for the aesthetical details. Moreover, the implementation of the thermo-fireplace with the Kit Thermocombi can take place successively, always with the maximum respect of the exigencies of the interiors.

To order the kit can be assembled at any distance from the thermo-fireplace, according to the characteristics of the house. This originality is possible without any big destructive intervention works of the cover or of the combustion chamber of Famar Thermo-fireplace already installed, as it is possible to order a thermo-fireplace already set and proceed with the installation of the Thermocombi kit only after.

Evolved functionalities for a high performance

The big tank, which can contain up to 100 kg fuel, has a double screw with two height levels in order to avoid flame passage. The electric management blocks any kind of accidental backfire, making the pellet wood automatically slide into the burner blocking the system. This latter, of rectangular form, has a series of holes uniformly distributed, in order to get a stoichiometric combustion, good for any kind of power level (7 levels with consumption from 2 kg up to 12 kg according to the level and the potentialities of the thermo-fireplace). So, the combustion is complete on all the internal surface of the burner and not only on the edge, like the circular burner present in the other products in the market. The tank and the loading screw with the motor reducer in the standard version are compacted on the thermo-fireplace, by choice with assembling to the right, to the left or at the back side.

Programmed ignition to be managed according to the use (cigarette effect)

During the functioning of the Thermocombi, after the first ignition, at the beginning of the season, the software, after previous installation, manages the periodical internal ignition with intervals to be programmed according to the function of the fuel type used, in order to always have the ember active and ready at every ignition, even at a distance of weeks of no use.

Pellet loading and burner

In the Thermocombi Famar, instead, the passage from the wood combustion to the pellet burning combustion and vice versa takes place automatically: in the same combustion chamber, once finished the wood, inside the burner the pellet combustion takes place, whose loading starts automatically because remotely connected to the environmental thermostat or because managed in fixed time periods (6 time periods during the 24 hours). On the contrary, in order to burn the wood, it is sufficient to insert some logs so that the software, through connected sensors, can adapt to the variation of the fuel and automatically reduce the minimum power level or the total extinguishing by choice, triggering the wood combustion. So, the management commutes the functioning from a fuel to another, always keeping the thermo-fireplace and the system at the desired temperature, until the user decides to manually turn off the multifuel management. This ability enables to recover, with a high percentage of efficiency, the heat produced from the complete combustion of the wood residuals and the fumes which go through the finning of the exchanger, with further production of heating and demolition of fine dusts.


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